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Mont toys (12 - 15).jpg
Mont toys (12 - 15).jpg
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Your toddler is a busy little person now! She learns more and more about her world by experimenting – what happens if I do this?  


With this box, we help your toddler begin to investigate the world around her from a whole new perspective and make her first efforts at independence as she begins to walk and talk.

Ships every 3 months I ₹ 2,999 per montikit

All about investigation (12 months +)


Peg Board 

By rotating the pegs to fit into the base, your child learns to discriminate size and shape while building wrist strength. It also helps discriminate color

multi shape puzzles.jpg

Multi shape puzzle 

This set develops spatial reasoning and the ability to discriminate shape 

multi shape circles .jpg

Circle gradation puzzle


This set develops spatial reasoning and the ability to discriminate size


Curved dowel 

Working with this material strengthens the wrist, which is vital for controlling the hand during future tasks like writing


Nesting and stacking bowls


Classic product to develop awareness of size, critical thinking skills and hand eye coordination



Sized perfectly for your baby’s little hands, includes a placemat, fork, spoon, bowl and a cup designed to challenge fine motor skills and foster independent eating


Things I can do

Simple pictures of kids doing things that little kids can do


Things I wear

Helps your baby expand their vocabulary

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6 months +

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All about movement 

9 months +

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All about independence 

15 months +

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