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Learning centre

Poco Nido kits

Kit 2 new.jpg

All about exploration 

6+ months

We help your babies gain control and mastery of their hands and core, supporting their developing mobility while they build cognitive skills.

Kit 3 new 3.jpg

All about investigation

12+ months

Offer new challenges to your little ones as they learn to discriminate colours, shapes and sizes while building wrist strength and dexterity

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All about movement

9+ months

We support your child’s developing movement, hand-eye coordination, balance and experimentation with cause and effect to boost their memory and problem-solving skills.

Kit New 3.jpg

All about independence

15+ months

Help your children explore mathematical relationships and build concentration as take their first steps towards independence and learn about a wide range of emotions

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Shape sorter and coin box

Mail box.jpg

Shapes on pegs

Shapes on peg 1 .jpg

Box with bins

BB 1 .jpg

Individual toys

Interlocking discs

ID 2.jpg

Sensory mat

Sensory mat - white bg.jpg

Spinning drum

SD 2.jpg

Single shape puzzles

Single shape all.jpg

Object permanence box

OPB 3.jpg

Rocking stacker

rocking stakcer.jpg

Rolling drum

RD 1.jpg


Tracker 1.jpg

Multi shape puzzles

MS .jpg

Peg board

PB 2.jpg

Curved dowel

CD 2.jpg

Nesting and stacking bowls

NSB 1.jpg

Set of board books

All books - new.jpg
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Gift sets

First grasping set

Puzzles + interlocking.jpg

Sensory stimulation

Sensory stimulation.jpg

Grasping and crawling

Grasping and crawling - white bg.jpg

Core strength

Core strength.jpg

First puzzle set

Refining the pencil grip

Introduction to shapes

All puzzles.jpg
Refining the pencil grip.jpg
Introduction to shapes.jpg

Hand eye coordination

Set of board books

Hand eye coordination.jpg
All books - new.jpg

Patterns and sequences

Patterns & sequences .jpg
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We are here to help via chat, email, or phone call. 

  • Questions about Montessori or child development? No problem. 

  • Connect with our team using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen 

  • Educator consultations are available, too!

Need support?

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