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Mont toys (15-18).jpg
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This age is typically characterized by children building their personality, having autonomy and just wanting to do things their way and by themselves!


With this box, we help your toddler explore the world in new ways and do things “all by herself!” When granted the independence, children develop confidence and a greater sense of self.

Ships every 3 months I ₹ 2,999 per montikit

All about independence (15 to 18 months)


coming soon


Shapes on peg

In addition to eye hand coordination, this activity challenges a child to mentally manipulate shapes, and visualize patterns before creating them


Shape sorter

This monochromatic set allows your child to focus on the progressing challenge of fitting each shape through its slot


Coin box

This toy builds an understanding of geometry and the relationship between mathematically proportional shapes



A set of unique crayons to develop the three finger grasp and promote creativity


Spreader knife

A child size knife to promote independence and self sufficiency


Box with bins

Removing and replacing objects in each bin builds fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and working memory


Velcro dressing frame

Coordinate both hands to exercise fine motor skills, teaching concentration, perseverance, and self care.


How I feel

Build emotional intelligence by talking about feelings


What I do

Plan bedtime and other daily routines together—and more smoothly

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