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Mont toys (6 - 9).jpg
Mont toys (6 - 9).jpg
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At this stage babies love to sensorially explore and understand the world around them as they sit and start to crawl!


With this box, we help your babies gain control and mastery of their hands and core, supporting their developing mobility while they build cognitive skills.

Ships every 3 months I ₹ 2,999 per montikit

All about exploration (6 months +)

interlocking discs.jpg

Interlocking discs

A great grasping toy aimed at promoting hand to hand transfer and crawling 


Board books

Ideal first books for enrichment of vocabulary and language

Balls 2.jpg

Textured balls

Varying textures, colors, and movement patterns to support tactile stimulation and sensorial exploration

rolling drum .jpg

Rolling drum

A colorful and rhythmic rolling drum to encourage crawling, while building strength and perseverance

spinning drum.jpg

Spinning drum


This toy is perfect for tummy time with its bright colours and the sound it produces as it spins

obj perm .jpg

Object permanence

This toy is designed to introduce the concept that an object exists even if we can't see it

sensory mat.jpg

Sensory mat

A touch and feel mat with six different textures for sensory and tactile exploration

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