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Hello parents,


We are delighted to see you here!


We welcome you and your children to our little nest of learning where we can say with certainty, that your children will be nurtured into confident and independent life-long learners.


When we came across the Montessori method of learning, it inspired us to take a career shift from our corporate background. We got trained, at the Ratan Tata Institute, associated with Association Montessori Internationale, headquartered in the Netherlands.


Through the intensive and practical training, we were trained to observe and understand that each child is unique and has a special skillset. The training changed our perception about education, psychology and the child himself. The whole experience was so inspiring and eye-opening, that we felt the need to pass it on to our society!

Today’s generation needs an education system that values the individual in the child, that promotes independence and a life-long love for learning, while nurturing creativity and inventiveness. With the poco nido subscription boxes we help families address the education void in the most critical years of child development, so they can expand their child’s innate potential.

We look forward to making your child’s first learning experience the very best it can be!


Warm regards,

The poco nido team

Kavina Mehta and Yashvi Mehta



Note from the founders 

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