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shapes on dowels


what is this?

Spheres, cubes and prisms to place on a dowel that challenges your baby to mentally manipulate shapes and visualize patterns before creating them

how to do this?

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why do this?

  • This activity gives your baby the opportunity of practicing different finger grasps based on the object being inserted in the dowel and an experience in crossing the mid line

  • The colour and number of solids in the material are constant, isolating shape. Initially your baby will put the shapes in a random order, but eventually she will be able to sort it by shape

  • As your baby places each shape on the dowel she further develops her hand eye coordination

  • Placing each shape on the dowel encourages spatial reasoning with 9 geometric solids


  • It develops basic logic skills and the ability of matching


  • Your baby can make different patterns using the different shapes and dowels, encouraging imagination and creative thinking

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