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textured balls

what is this?

A variety of balls with different colours, textures and rolling speeds to promote sensory exploration and tactile stimulation. The bright colours invite your baby to grasp them, roll them and crawl after them!


how to do this?

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research and benefits 

  • The different textures support your baby's sensorial exploration and developing sense of touch

  • One of the best developmental toys for your baby’s core strengthening is a collection of balls. To interact, she will lie on her tummy in front of the ball, push up with her hands and arch her back to look at the ball. Then she will work towards grabbing the ball with her hands and bringing it to her mouth. This is excellent work for building her core muscles.

  • The balls move at different speeds when they roll - some move in a straight line, some are designed to wiggle as they roll. This encourages your baby to chase after them, supporting the development of movement.

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