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learning about real life things


why do this?

Your baby loves to play with household items — we all know that a baby’s favorite toys are pots and pans. 

Giving real objects stimulates your child’s imagination and helps her make sense of the world around her. It encourages her to explore and make new discoveries independently

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how to do this?

  • Place three to four everyday objects in a basket (that are safe for your baby to handle) – things that she will find fascinating with different shapes and textures.

  • Change the objects regularly to keep it interesting for your baby.

  • Think about categorizing types of objects to help her build associations:

    • Fruits

    • Vegetables

    • Kitchen utensils

    • Ribbons: different widths and colors

    • Round things, square things, fuzzy things, things that jingle

    • All sorts of balls! (these also encourage movement as your baby begins to crawl)



Note: Be sure to watch your baby so that small or crushable items are not mouthed. Also, pay attention when babies are around objects with handles, e.g. utensils such as whisks, brushes and spoons.

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