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what is this?

A fun and exciting toy for babies designed specially to develop visual skills. Watching each ball roll down the ramp builds visual tracking skills vital to reading in preschool


how to do this?

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research and benefits

  • The tracker is designed to promote visual tracking, hand eye coordination and focus to prepare your child’s eyes for activities like reading and playing sports. Children also develop prediction and early logic skills as they track the ball from top to the bottom

  • As your child works with the tracker, he uses a variety of body positions while picking and dropping the ball, over and over again! As your baby squats, stands and lowers himself to the floor again, he furthers his balance and gross motor coordination. It aids in the development of balance and equilibrium, while strengthening the core in preparation for walking


  • Little ones practise grasping and releasing on purpose as they pick up and drop the ball. The tracker supports the development of both gross and fine motor skills at once!  

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