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spinning drum


what is this?

This toy is perfect for tummy time with its bright colours and the sound it produces as it spins. It helps develop hand-eye coordination, wrist, arm and core strength.

how to introduce?

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research and benefits

  • When first introduced, it is great for tummy time. During tummy time it encourages the babies to push up and develop their core strength.

  • Later, this toy encourages gross motor movement in babies who are itching to crawl with its bright colors, the sound it produces as it spins and the motion of the drum. 

  • As they develop their core muscles, they can play with it while sitting.

  • As your child spins the drum, she is able to control her arm movement more intentionally.

  • It is a great toy for visual stimulation with its bright and attractive colours.

  • Balls inside the drum add an auditory stimulus, to grab your child’s attention for continuous play.

  • Your child develops hand-eye coordination while strengthening the muscles throughout her core, arm and wrist. 

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