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shape sorter


what is this?

A box designed to help your child focus on the progressing challenge of fitting each shape through its slot. In this set, the challenges are isolated (from simple to complex) with the help of different lids

how to do this?

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why do this?

  • Working with the shape sorter, your baby learns to discriminate shapes and develop spatial reasoning


  • Picking up the shapes and putting them through the holes enhances your baby’s grasping, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

  • The fact that the shapes are all in one color helps your child to focus on their geometric characteristics and deepen her understanding of the shapes’ properties


  • All the pieces are exclusive only to their corresponding hole. This will allow your child to learn on her own, without your help. She will develop independent problem solving skills and analytical skills, which in turn will build her confidence and self-esteem. With repetition, she will move from trial and error, to deduction, to problem solving, and finally to mastery

  • After your child has had ample sensorial experience with the toy, you can introduce spatial language: shape terms (like cylinder, cube, triangular prism, curve, edge, side, corner), dimensional adjectives (like big, little, tiny, long) and positional language (like on top of, inside, next to). The more children hear spatial language in context before the age of three, the better they understand those words

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