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Sensory mat


What is this?

A touch and feel mat with six different textures for sensory and tactile exploration. Textures ranging from soft to fuzzy, smooth to rough and bumpy and scaly – for your baby to play, create, investigate and explore with her hands, feet, knees and legs!

How to do this?

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Research and benefits 

  • Sensory mats are a fun way for your baby to feel so many new textures - all in one place!

  • As babies develop an understanding of textures, it helps build positive pathways in the brain, that support your child's cognitive development

  • It is the perfect toy for babies to enjoy tummy time. Lying on the stomach strengthens the neck and back, which supports development of gross motor skills (like crawling, rolling and walking).

  • Exploring different textures often provides a calming and relaxing sensation to babies.

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