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rolling drum


what is this?

This colourful rhythmic rolling drum is the perfect toy for your child to improve her grasping skills. It encourages gross motor movement in babies who are ready to crawl as the colorful balls and soft jingling sounds keep them engaged.

how to do this?

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research and benefits

  • The rods in the rolling drum are the perfect size for a baby's hands to grab onto and improve her grasping skills

  • Shaking the drum up and down to produce the sound, strengthens your baby's arm and wrist.

  • The rolling drum supports hand to hand transfer, which promotes cross body coordination

  • When your baby is ready to begin crawling, this toy is designed to move at an ideal speed, encouraging your little one to pursue it and build strength and perseverance.

  • Babies also discover that picking up the drum and shaking it produces a sound. They love to practice this as they discover their actions have effects!

  • Babies explore new ways to coordinate their senses. It stimulates the sense of touch, sight, and hearing all at once.

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