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object permanence box

what is this?

This toy introduces the concept that an object exists even if you can't see it (how mysterious!), and provides an exciting challenge for your little baby as she drops the ball into the box.


how to do this?

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research and benefits

  • This is the time when your child may begin to experience separation anxiety - an important cognitive milestone. The box helps her understand that objects continue to exist even when not perceived - and so do people.


  • The toy is designed so that the ball leaves her sight only briefly as she plays so that she does not forget about the ball altogether and begins to understand the concept of object permanence. This indirectly supports the child’s psychological development. When mommy goes out of the room she will come back. Always!

  • By dropping the ball in the hole, she develops her hand eye coordination and fine motor skills (hand, wrist and finger control).

  • She explores the cause-effect relationship for a simple action: putting a ball in a hole and finding it again.

  • She also practices grasping and releasing on purpose as she tries to drop the ball in the box (a skill she will continue to develop throughout her first year).

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