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interlocking discs


what is this?

The interlocking discs have a dual purpose: crawling motivation and hand-to-hand transfer. As your baby ages, it is a wonderful toy to entice crawling because of the interesting rolling pattern it produces

how to do this?

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research and benefits

  • The unique positioning of the discs means the hand to hand transfer also requires some wrist rotation. Passing an object between two hands involves coordination across the center of their body, activating the interaction of the hemispheres of the brain. This forms the basis for later motions such as dressing herself, eating, holding crayons and running

  • The discs become a great toy to get your baby moving! Because of their design, with a slight tap, the discs gently wobble away. This slight movement is just enough to get your baby excited to "chase" after it, but not so much to lose her interest or make it impossible to catch

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