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egg in cup and cube in box

what is this?

Babies at this stage should be encouraged to use their two hands together, in coordination. The Shape Fitting exercise provides the opportunity for bilateral coordination, or the ability to use both sides of the body at the same time in a controlled and organized manner. This skill has implications on your child’s physical development, reading and writing, and many other tasks of everyday life

how to do this?

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why do this?

  • Your baby needs lots of experience using both her hands at once. This practice builds the speed of communication between her brain’s two hemispheres. In the beginning, your baby will probably just enjoy banging the egg or cube and the cups together - she is still using both sides of her body to do this! 

  • This duo of puzzles progresses in difficulty as your baby will require even more precise bilateral coordination and spatial reasoning. Putting a cube in a box is even more challenging because it is necessary to line up the corners of the box and cube for success​

  • At this age, infants are fascinated by putting objects in and out of other objects. This set helps with spatial awareness (understanding spaces) as they start to observe how things fit together

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