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coin box


what is this?

A lid with a slot for coins for refining your child’s hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. The coins are in three different shapes for developing an understanding of geometry and shapes

how to do this?

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why do this?

  • The coin box offers hands-on experience with geometry and an understanding of the relationship between mathematically proportional shapes

  • As your baby picks a coin and places it in the slot, she exercises hand eye coordination, strengthens her pincer grip and develops hand dexterity


  • Removing and replacing the lid requires two hands working together, which has been shown to improve a child’s physical and cognitive capabilities

  • Since the colour of the pieces is held constant, this toy isolates the concept of shape, calling your child’s attention to the similarities and differences between the circles, squares, and triangles.

  • After your child has had ample sensorial experience with the toy, you can name the shapes and introduce related language to expand her vocabulary

  • ​This toy is also designed to promote repetition, foster learning, and boost concentration. The different shapes will reignite her interest and promote repetition. As she repeats, she concentrates deeply. It is during these periods of intense focus that your child learns the most and prepares her mind for complex work

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