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box with bins


what is this?

A simple wooden box with three drawers to develop the pincer grasp and wrist strength

how to do this?

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why do this?

  • The box with bins is designed specifically to target your child’s wrist flexion and extension. Your child must firmly grip the knobs in order to tip the bins open and shut. As she repeats the action, she builds wrist strength and mobility while also strengthening the front and back of her forearm

  • It appeals to your baby’s interest in removing and replacing objects in containers

  • Your little one can also practice colour matching with the coins

  • This toy helps your child work on her mind and muscles preparing them for activities of everyday life like eating independently, dressing and writing legibly

  • You can keep your child engaged by hiding other interesting objects in the bins to find. Each time she opens a bin, she will make a new discovery. As she works to recall which bin holds which object, she improves her memory skills

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